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Instead of online courses:

Learning Rune Magic on your own



There is a great interest in Nordic shamanism and rune magic and I have been asked to go online with courses and/or lectures. After some deep-going contemplation I have landed in the conclusion to keep my teaching offline for the foreseeable future. My variant of shamanism and rune magic is best taught and learned in nature, and especially at sacred sites. I am just a guide to the gates of Dreamtime and the real teachers are Mother Earth and the Active Side of Infinity. This means that you, with the right attitude of humility and openness, can do the learning on your own. Shamanism, in my view, is really about finding and walking one’s own way.

Instead of listening to me via the web I suggest that you listen to Mother Earth and The Great Mystery. If your main interest is in Nordic shamanism and rune magic I would however like to give some advice:

1) Read my book Rune Magic and Shamanism which is a manual on how to learn and perform rune magic. My book on Castaneda – The Active Side of Infinity – also contains a lot of practical wisdom on how to find and walk a path of knowledge.

2) Go to a sacred site and ask for permission to perform a learning ceremony. Be sure to respect the proper protocol of the site.

3) Balance yourself with the energies of the site, with the earth and with the cosmos by singing the runes. If you are unsure of how to sound the runes you can listen to an audio file on my homepage.

4) Ask the site, the earth and the cosmos to open the gates to Dreamtime and share their knowledge and power with you. Becalm your mind and just pay attention to what happens – in the environment and inside of yourself. In addition to what you might see and hear – within or without – you should pay attention to intuitive information and physical feelings such as shivering or trembling etc. To conclude you can simply ask the runes to mediate or explain the knowledge and power present. Pick up a number of runes from your rune pouch (just as many as you feel), remember which ones you picked and analyze their meaning later at home.

5) Give thanks to the site, to Mother Earth, the Great Mystery and all the energies that have been helpful, by leaving a gift that is biodegradable.

Remember that all knowledge and power that comes to you in a ceremony like this ultimately originate in The Dark Sea of Awareness deep within the cosmos. You as well as the sacred site and Mother Earth just act as receivers of this knowledge that is dynamic, in a constant flow and cannot be owned by anyone.

The runes are a self-instructive system of knowledge and the more you humbly cooperate with them the more knowledge and power you will be able to partake of. The runes will also very probably give you suggestions on how to utilize your new abilities in the ordinary reality.

If you have doubts or questions feel free to mail me at norrshaman@gmail.com I will always answer.

Jörgen I Eriksson/ September 2020